Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan, Amerigo Vespucci, Ponce De Leon, and many more.  They were great  people were in the Age of Exploration.  Why were they so important well you have to read our persuasive to find out.  “If we didn’t explore we would not discover something new!  I would like to lead and expedition to China  so we would have silk and spices.  I would also be better if we sailed west,” said the famous explorer.

One reason that you should read our blog is that you can read about a famous explorer named Christopher Columbus and other great explorers.  Our blog has a potential to increase the curiosity to attract other people because of the interesting thing we have on our blog.  When I asked Mrs. Wills if it was a great idea she said, ” I think that’s a great idea to attract people to read our blog.

Another reason, is that people like to see pictures, videos and gif.  That is why my partner and I are going to put gif related videos and pictures to our website.  You should read our blog because everyone likes to see videos of what happened during the Age of Exploration, well we have some.  If your interested in people that were in the Age of Exploration we have some pictures of them.

My best and last reason is that if you’re looking for games about the Age of Exploration look and check out our game page.  I know we barely started it but it has a few games on the Age of Exploration.  Girls and boys usually don’t want to read and study about things, that is why we made a game page so you learn but play at the same time.

One could argue that there are many other and better websites than ours and our website is not kid friendly, but it is.  The links that we got from other websites are really kid friendly.  One could also argue that our website does not have enough details, but we have an exceptional amount of facts for people who just started on creating their own blog.

Just to let you know that people should read our blog because it is very interesting, this is not a opinion it is a true fact.  Again I want to remind you that our blog is the most kid friendly blog that you probably read before.



  1. mrclarken says:

    Follow the same format as your Movie Thursday essay – 6 paragraphs planned as 1) introduction including reasoning, 2-4) reasons with support, and 5) counterargument, and 6) conclusion. Plan it first.

  2. I really think your blog is very interesting. Even though I have learned about some of the explorers, I really think this is a very fun way to learn about age of exploration.I really mean you have interesting fun facts that I just want to start reading right now.

    Check out our blog and comment back:

    PS: your is awesome!!! 🙂

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